Good news: Millennials read real books

This NPR piece made me happy.

I’m happy that the next generation of ex-children, the people who are most likely to be the next round of parents raising children, aren’t yet ready to give up on reading. Or libraries. Consider this:

There are lots of suppositions about this group that they are so enchanted with their screens that they don’t want to read books, and they don’t want to write to each other or things like that. And it’s just the opposite of what we see. That there’s lots more reading and writing going on in this generation than there was in the past. –Lee Rainie of the Pew Research Center

I’m always fascinated at how the past predicts the future. Here’s a vision of the iPad (I must admit I read on one when I travel) long before it became reality. In the knowledge navigation department, I’m happy to hear any snatches of information suggesting that the old-fashioned bound book, pulp product as it is, is still holding its own.

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