Celeste Ng on Female Asian American Writers

2014 was the Year of Reading Women, so Ng’s Salon.com article on Asian American women writers is a nice continuation of a thread that shouldn’t be allowed to go away.


This summer, I traveled around the U.S. to promote my debut novel, “Everything I Never Told You.”  At one university where I’d been invited to speak, I asked the professor hosting me how he’d found me.  He admitted he’d needed an Asian American woman fiction writer to balance his speaker lineup. “There aren’t a lot of you out there,” he said, with evident embarrassment.

Everything+I+Never+Told+You+-+Celeste+NgOn the personal front I was happy to see my book cited on her very comprehensive list.

And on the personal reading front, I’m taking Celeste Ng’s novel with me on the plane to Vermont because I have just started reading it and can’t stop.

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