Anything is Possible

“anything is possible,
as long as you are true to yourself
and never give up, even when the world
seems to say, stop!”

enormoussmallnessFrom poet and teacher Matthew Burgess, “illustratrice” Kris Di Giacomo, and the fabulous Enchanted Lion Press, here is a picture book to fall in love with.

It’s a  biography of the poet who stirred punctuation and feeling together with furious energy and is known somewhat over-simplistically for the liberation of lower-case letters.

The small container of the picture book turns out to be a terrific medium for the life of E.E. Cummings*, who tapped the resonance of smallness. Family and friends, a teacher, a war, New York City itself–they’re all in here. There isn’t a wasted word in this life story. Includes some of the best-loved poems.

*Note: I am not using lower-case because Cummings himself didn’t, not for his name.

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