In Trumpistan

trumpWhen I last posted about A Child’s First Book of Trump, it was a joke. A funny, smart, insightful joke. A joke that was a little bit pleased with itself.

Now Americus Trumpus, a creature who “thrives in the most contentious conditions,” is in charge. No joke.

Only in America, it seems, is it possible to rage against the establishment by voting into power a man with inherited (that is to say unearned) wealth who doesn’t pay his taxes. Who mocks minorities of all sorts, denies climate change, and gets the support of the Ku Klux Klan. If this is a wake-up call, then we’re all reeling from the giant bucket of ice-water thrown in our faces. It’s like Reconstruction all over again or as if the entire Civil Rights movement has been ripped up and thrown away.

Meanwhile, in Trumpistan, the children’s literature community tries to pick up the pieces.

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