Poor Weather

As they say here, the weather has been poor. In the same way that you can start writing and not make it to the end of a page on some days, here are two places we intended to go, only to end up running out of time and dry socks. 

Edinburgh Castle

Arthur’s Seat: got as far as the start of the trail

That’s the way it goes. You walk and walk–or write and write–and some days you may get to glimpse the goal. Or maybe you just get to the beginning of a path that looks longer and muddier than you may be ready for. But there will be another day and you can return. You will be another person then. The rain may have stopped. You may have the right socks. 

Here’s the thing. Without that first exploratory walk, you’d have no idea what’s in store for you. Scouting it out, you now know how to avoid the tourist traps. You know what you really want to see. 

2 thoughts on “Poor Weather

  1. Thanks Uma. This morning I wrote the third opening for a novel. Sometimes it really is hard to “find the way in.”

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