Choose Your Way 

img_1934There are lessons to be learned from days gone askew. “You are free,” Sis says to his daughter in the dedication to The Three Golden Keys. Free to choose your way. Some days the choices yield disappointing results.

The Prague to avoid, it turns out, is the city of tourist traps.

We want to let the castle walls speak to us in their own stony way. Instead we are trapped in a labyrinth of so-called tourist attractions, of which the changing of the guard was the high point. It all went downhill from there.

Still, on the return, there was this. Street signs in most places offer one piece of information at a time. “Caution: children,” for example, or “Rough road.” Utilitarian things, street signs. This one is almost a cautionary tale set in this neighborhood. Look at all the forbidden possibilities. And all the added artistic statements layered in.

Yup. Choose your way. Then stay tuned for the unexpected.

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