In the Zone

I did it! Finally!

No false starts. Got into the process right away, maneuvered potential obstacles, adapted my pacing as needed. Managed to keep on going in more than fits and starts. Covered quite a bit of ground, including some uphill stretches, circled back intentionally a couple of times, even executed one slightly tricky turn.

Brought the whole thing to a reasonable end, for the moment, even if I know I’ll have to revisit it later. Ended up exhausted and energized at the same time.

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I am speaking of course, about my grey-haired-lady-bike-riding endeavor. But a day of good writing can have the same effect. As if you’re suddenly over the ridge, and the Big Tomato of it all has revealed itself but you couldn’t say how you know that. You can’t always see what lies ahead but the energy expended has managed to revive you. As if there is more where this came from.

3 thoughts on “In the Zone

  1. Thank you my friends. Julie, the little slopes are doable now. Mind you, there are plenty of uphills that defeat me. Regardless, my inner child (the one who fell off a bike at 6 and refused to get back on) is, you might say, riding high!

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