14 Years at VCFA

It’s January.

This must be Montpelier. The first time I came to this campus was in the summer of 2006, nearly 14 years ago. Here’s the serenity spot I pause at between dorm and classroom, in between lectures and workshops, readings and conversations about books, books, books. And now it’s nearly time to leave.

Thank you, VCFA. Teaching here makes me a better writer.


5 thoughts on “14 Years at VCFA

  1. Thank you, Uma, for this magical fountain picture from a place so dear to many. Thank you , too, for all your informative and heartfelt posts!

  2. Thank you, Joyce. And Marion, you were such a big part of why I ventured to apply here all those years ago. And now I see how VCFA remains special and continues to grow and change in the very best ways.

    • LInda, I’m not going to be at KW this year, alas, but I’m sure it will be marvelous as always. And I’m not retiring, just teaching every other semester, and planning on that for the time being. Finding a balance, as one has to do from time to time.

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