Using photographs, audio-visual material, published work and work in progress, Uma shares her writing journey with young people in a personal and meaningful way. She makes connections through childhood experiences and stories that reflect the commonalities of being human in a changing world. Her presentations, like her books, are both uniquely specific and universally relevant.

Uma engages teachers and librarians in conversations about reading, writing, and teaching writing. She brings her experience teaching writing of place, combining skill building with hands-on exploration of reading and writing. She is deeply committed to honoring the voices of young writers.

For adult writers, Uma runs writing workshops with depth and respect for the craft. She teaches writers how to discover their own process, and learn to work with it. She offers no magic formula—the emphasis is on developing insights and understanding and on opening the doors of the writer’s own vision. Learn to listen to your own voice and to develop your own best instincts. Practice sharpening your own eye and tuning your own ear. Set high expectations and learn the path to meeting them. It’s all grounded in “bodily rhythms” and paying attention to the effect of words on the page.

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