Grandfather Gandhi by Arun Gandhi and Bethany Hegedus

ImageIllustrated by Evan Turk, here is a powerful book narrated by the grandson of the man who turned peace into possibility for India and for the world, and equated personal truth with moral imperative. His words and actions ring into the world against all odds, even today.

Beautifully created and deftly written, this is a stunning picture book portrait, part biography, part family memoir, told from a simple stance of memory, love, and healing.

In this remarkable narrative in words and pictures, Arun Gandhi worked with writer and VCFA alumna Bethany Hegedus to weave a stunning portrait of the man who taught him to “live his life as light.” Evan Turk’s collage paintings use a glowing palette. He employs the power of light and shadow, space and perspective, to bring the text to life. At every level, this is a breathtaking book.