On Celebrities Writing Books for Children

Oh, we have seen them all already, seen them all.

Madonna. Fergie.

Most recently, Keith Richards.

Because really, anyone can write a children’s book, right? And if you managed to get famous doing something else–music, the movies, going to jail–why not muscle your way into this appealing little market as well? Never mind those of us who have slogged in the trenches for years at the art we have chosen for the work of our lives, writing books for young readers. We get that it’s about sales, not craft. But the latest celebrity offering in our little industry ought to give us all pause, and not just because of the politics of the writers. That new celeb on the block is Rush Limbaugh! Yes, that’s right.

In an interesting twist of plot, by the odd parameters that define such things, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims has managed to become a bestseller. The CBC–yes, that CBC, the people with the diversity initiative–had to put the author on their Author of the Year list. They explained it this way.

Could I have brought myself to read Rush’s little tome? Probably not–sorry, not enough hours in my day!–so I’m grateful to Debbie Reese who has read and reviewed the book.